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Policies & Must-Know Information

We have answered the most frequently asked conference questions below, but if your question is not answered on this page please contact the IFLN team at events@ifln.net


Q: Who can attend the IFLN Worldwide Membership Conference?

Individuals must be employed by an official member of the IFLN Networks. In order to attend the IFLN Worldwide Membership Conference you are required to comply with any travel and immigration regulations for Germany at the time of the conference.

Q: What information do I need to register?

You will need to register for an account on our Scheduler Meeting Host Platform (MHP) – for this you will need basic contact details. To create an account on MHP please email events@ifln.net.
After approval of your account on the platform, you will be able to complete the full registration to the IFLN Worldwide Membership Conference 2025 in Munich.

Q: Do I need to register my spouse?

Yes. During your own registration process you will be given the option to add a Spouse for his/her attendance. Entry into conference meetings & social events will be granted based on each individual’s registration type. The Spouse fee is US$650 for the Munich Conference.

Please note: Attendance to the One-2-One meeting sessions is restricted to IFLN Members only – Spouses cannot enter the Conference Meeting area.
Spouse registration fees are inclusive of the Welcome Reception, breakfast, Gala Dinner and Social Lounges.

Q: Can I bring a guest if he/she did not register for the IFLN conference?

No. Attendance at conference meetings is EXCLUSIVE to IFLN Members who signed up for the full registration. Any persons not registered will be denied entry. Back to top 


Q: What do the conference rates include and/or exclude?

The Member registration fee is US$1195 and includes:
All conference meetings, all conference related social activities and conference related meals.

The Spouse registration fee is US$650 and includes:
All conference related social activities and conference related meals.

Not Included:
Hotel accommodations and any incidental charges incurred during your stay.

Q: How do I pay for conference registration fees?

During registration, you will be offered add-on options for the conference (exhibiting, sponsoring, etc). IFLN will issue an invoice that includes detailed payment instructions for your conference registration, hotel and added options.

Only paid attendees can participate in the conference and its affiliated activities. Any persons with unpaid registration fees will be denied entry.

Only paid exhibiting or sponsoring options will be displayed on any conference related material.

Q: What if I am not able to stay for the entire conference? Can fees be prorated?

Partial registrations are not offered.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for conference registration?

Registrants have up until April 25th, 2025 to cancel their conference registration in writing for a 50% refund of their conference registration fees. Any cancellations after that date are not eligible for a refund from IFLN. Please note that conference attendees may transfer their registration to a colleague at any time prior to the conference at no additional cost.

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Q: What is the official conference hotel?

The conference hotel for the 31st IFLN Worldwide Membership Conference is the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel.

Q: Can I book my own accommodation at a hotel other than the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel?

IFLN requires members to stay at the official conference hotel for the IFLN Membership Worldwide Conference 2025. Due to the event’s contractual agreements with the official event venue, it is required that you stay at official conference hotel to benefit from the significantly discounted group accommodation rate during the event dates.

In addition, the Hilton Airport Hotel is the center of conference activity, so you’ll be able to network easily with other conference attendees as well as conveniently access all event functions and return to your room for a break. Overall, you’ll have the easiest conference experience by staying at the assigned official conference hotel. Local Munich members/attendees are allowed to travel to the hotel from their residence.

Q: What is the penalty if I book my accommodation at a hotel other than the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel?

Conference attendees choosing to stay at a different hotel or select alternate accommodations during the event dates will incur a conference fee surcharge to mitigate any hotel attrition charges IFLN incurs for rooms not filled in relation to the number of attendees for the contracted services.

Q: What does the hotel room rate include?

All hotel room rates include your accommodation, room amenities according to the type of room booked, option to order in-room dining 24 hours a day, property-wide high-speed internet access, cardio room access, and more! Please note the hotel room rate does include local current taxes, service charges and breakfast.

Q: What is the hotel’s billing policy?

The hotel room accommodations will be billed to each attending Member alongside the registration fee(s). You will not need to pay for room charges at the time of check-in since IFLN has paid at that point already.
However, at the time of check-in at the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel a valid credit card is required in order to guarantee any incidentals. You will have the opportunity to either reconfirm or change your payment method upon check-out at the hotel.

Q: When should I reserve my hotel room?

Now! Register right away to secure your guestroom(s) during the registration process to guarantee room availability. Due to the Transport Logistic exhibition close to our conference dates, only a limited number of rooms will be available. Book early!

Since IFLN acts as the reservation booking bureau, please do not contact the Conference Hotel directly. The Hotel’s Reservations desk will redirect you to IFLN to enjoy the discounted group rates.

Q: What is the hotel’s smoking policy?

Rooms and suites are non-smoking. If there is evidence of smoking of any substance in your non-smoking room/suite, you will incur a deep cleaning fee by the Conference Hotel, which will be charged to your credit card used for check-in.

Please note that e-cigs, vapors, hookahs, marijuana etc. fall under our non-smoking policy. Cleaning fees will be applied to smoking in areas that are non-smoking. We have designated smoking areas throughout the hotel, bars, and other areas (use of marijuana and/or hookahs is prohibited in both smoking and non-smoking areas. Contact a hotel employee for location information regarding designated smoking areas.  Back to top 


Q: What types of documents are required for this trip?

Germany is part of the Schengen Agreement (EU), which certainly will create challenges for individuals from some countries. If you have questions about entry requirements, please contact us directly or view the VISA & TRAVEL INFO section of this Conference supporting webpage.
Should you require a VISA support letter from IFLN and a local German Member to enter Germany, please contact us for individual assistance.

* It is advised that you contact your travel agent, the nearest embassy or consulate to determine what visa or other travel documentation may be necessary.

Q: How do I obtain a Local Letter of Invitation from a German Sponsor?

We will coordinate this with a local German Member and advise at the time you contact us for assistance.
We highly recommend to work on VISA approval as early as regulations allow for.

Letters of Invitation are only available after registration has opened.

Q: What should I do if my visa application is still pending?

Attendees who require a visa to attend the conference are urged to submit their visa applications as soon as possible. Attendees whose visa applications are still pending will have until April 25th, 2025 to decide if they will keep or cancel their hotel reservations without penalty.

Attendees will not be eligible to receive a refund if their visa application is denied and they have not cancelled their conference registration and hotel reservation(s) prior to the deadline. Paid fees will be moved to next years conference. Hotel rooms and conference registrations will be subject to availability after April 25th, 2025 if you choose to cancel your reservation and are granted a visa at a later date.  Back to top 


Q: Can my spouse/guest attend the One-to-One Meetings?

No. Attendance to the One-to-One Meetings is restricted to IFLN Members. No spouses or guests are allowed in the meeting room.

Q: What is the meeting attendance protocol?

All attendees are expected to be respectful of each other’s time, so you should be prepared and on time for each pre-scheduled meetings.

If you can’t be present for a pre-scheduled meeting, you are required to notify the person you were scheduled to meet prior to your appointment time. It’s especially important to notify if a delegate will meet on your behalf, or if the meeting needs to be cancelled or rescheduled. If you are suddenly unavailable for an unexpected reason, notify an IFLN representative of your absence immediately.

All meeting attendees are expected to observe the conference dress code and maintain proper business behavior.

Q: What Health & Safety protocols will be in place for the One-2-One meetings?

The health and safety of our members and staff is of the utmost importance to IFLN.

We will apply local safety requirements at the time of the conference.  Back to top 

Code of Conduct

Q: What is the expected behavior for this event?

IFLN is committed to providing a business environment that embraces the richness of diversity where participants may exchange ideas, learn, network and socialize in the company of colleagues in an environment of mutual respect and safety.

All participants are expected to conduct themselves with the highest levels of professional and ethical behavior as well as following their respective company’s policies and applicable laws

IFLN retains the right, at any time and without refund, to prohibit entry or remove any individual determined to be disrupting the event for any unethical or inappropriate behavior. This could also result in a ban of the individual from future events.

Q: What is the dress code for this event?

The dress code is business and business casual.  Back to top 

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